Yes, I know…..I’m the worst blogger ever. I got yelled at and realized I don’t even remember the last time I posted……sorry friends!!!

So, I thought I would do something fun sitting here in my place listening to an amazing playlist……work on my dream birthday list. There is a (not as funny as I think it is) story here. My birthday is in August and every year I am horrible….I don’t make a list of ideas for myself. I hate making birthday lists, yet my family asks me months early every year and I drag my feet. Primarily because I hate asking for things and prefer to get the things I need, when I need them. So, for this year, I have compiled a few ideas for me of items I would not buy myself but would love!!! I thought I would share them here, because I know you’re all dying to know what’s on my list…

Top row, L-R

1. My serious workout routine deserves a stylish gym bag

2. I love rustic jewelry and this ring reminds me of the ocean

3. A fun case to keep my blackberry from getting scratched

4. I love the draping on this beautiful Anthropologie shirt

Bottom Row L-R

5. I have been in love with this perfume for years

6. I love this  Banana Republic cardigan to layer over summer dresses

7. Ever since I borrowed one for a road trip, I have wanted a Garmin

8. A friend introduced me to this scent, and this body wash sounds luxurious

There you go….some of my ideas for summer…I’ve had so much fun putting this list together…..I might make another ;o)

until then….Kate


Don’t worry-you can still enjoy our ramblings!!!!!

Just in a new spot! Kelly and I just worked on our new blog (ok, Kelly did all the work and then just showed me how to post bc she is a rockstar) So, from now on…..fine us here:

hope to see you around the cyber world!

Christmas party

So, this is sad: Kelly and I had our company Christmas party last night. Pathetic that it took us over 2 months to arrange our schedules, but alas we had a blast. Her husband came and we all took off to East Street restaurant for a delicious and relaxed meal full of present exchanging, delicious food, gin and tonics and a little spontaneous dancing. Yes, I will admit that we stood up in the restaurant to show her husband Micah some of our classic dance moves. So, on that train of thought, here are a few of our recent dance party favs:

New to our rotation, ‘Cake’ Short Skirt, Long Jacket:

Our old standby: ‘Telephone Remake’ truly a classic here at The Blue Toad

And Kelly and I are complete closet (not anymore) ‘Ace of Base’ fanatics, so what is better than a mash up with ‘Lady Gaga’? Here’s ‘Don’t Turn Around and Alejandro’

Let the dancing commence!

K & K

2011 pictures

Here’s a recap of 2011 for me so far….how is it February already?

Post Christmas sales yielded this super cute $4 skirt with, best of all, pockets! (yes, I know it’s the little things that make me really happy) I love owning a  business that lets me dress up or wear my converse sneaks to work 🙂

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we decided to have a Design with Wine class about rose design. We sent Dan home and had Catrina bar tend so it was ladies’ night!!! Lots of wine and food was enjoyed and we all had a blast…

I spent a couple days in Burlington and when I say I was snowed in…I am not kidding, this is after the first round of cleaning off snow:

Finally, after the storm, we have one of the most beautiful days I have seen in a while…

Sorry for the randomness today-next post will be better!

Cheers for now!





I love Vermont, I do. But the only way I continue to is by leaving and escaping to the city fairly regularly. You see, I love the city. Boston, New York, Washington, DC….I love them. So, here’s an inspiration board for a rooftop city wedding…..




So, after a long post earlier, I thought a little more inspiration for my (haha) upcoming wedding was in order. Images inspiring me this week:




As a business owner, I am constantly striving to build my business, learn more, do better, and provide the freshest and best products for my customers. The best way I try to do this all is by networking. I do not do a ton of aggressive advertising, rather, I spend my time aggressively networking. Now, this doesn’t mean I attack people at mixers, but rather try to make the best of my time with other professionals and be a visible, public business owner. I attend as many Chamber of Commerce events as I can, dine out in town to support my fellow business owners, am on the board of the Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals and try to stay in touch with my fellow business people. I try to find inspiration and lessons in all my interactions.

One of the most exciting developments this fall/winter has been the creation of great partnerships with fellow businesses. I am able to reach new demographics and people are able to get to know me, and by extension, my business better through these partnership opportunities.

The first and most prominent has been our ‘Design with Wine’ program in conjunction with the Purple Moon Pub in Waitsfield. I met the owner, Dan Perera, this fall at a Chamber of commerce mixer, and through a collaborative friendship, ‘Design with Wine’ was born. We found a day and time that works for us and were blown away at the positive response from our first class. People were so happy to see two local business owners working together, we have planned a whole winter/spring line-up of classes.

I met Susan Wimble, the owner of Brigid Bridal, and immediately felt a kinship with this sweet, giving woman! She has tirelessly put together Waitsfield’s only bridal salon, full of beautiful new and gently used gowns, vintage pieces, formalwear, jewelry and lingerie (yay!). We have just made plans to put together a bridal bouquet design workshop at her salon and when she goes to Bridal shows, I create arrangements to decorate her table, and she brings my business cards. Collaboration at its best.

Finally, we will soon be unveiling out new wedding co-op in the space adjacent to the Blue Toad. This will be a shared space of wedding professionals we work with and a one-stop shop for brides and grooms-to be. We are so excited to work with so many of our local wedding professionals on a more personal level with the creation of this co-op. We will also hold different types of classes in the space, such as photography, drawing, floral design and event planning classes.

There are lots more, this is just a glimpse at all of the wonderful partnerships we have been fostering and will continue to work on to just better serve you!